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Jared Sherman

    I own the Eventide Anthology XI bundle. There are some tools in there that are really awesome. Highlights in particular for me are TVerb, H3000 Factory (this one is VERY deep), H949 and Octavox. I actually really like their reverbs a lot, I could probably get along just fine if those were all I had, and of course their delays and other FX.

    I don't get as much use out of the bundle as I definitely could because I am blessed to have so many other tools and I just tend to prefer AAX DSP plugins in general for the added flexibility, so when I go looking for plugins I am first looking in my DSP folder and the native ones don't even show up in there, so these sometimes get forgotten to me which is really unfortunate (since they are so good).

    Finally its got about as much pedigree as any audio software out there as well as it ranks very highly on the 'tried and true' scale.

    One option they do provide these days is a subscription option, so you could always get a month or two to basically demo them and find out if you get on with them well. If you do go that route and think you might subsequently cancel, just remember to always commit the tracks you are using the software on. I feel that is the big catch with subscription plug-ins they, in a sense, try to get you with the backwards compatibility issues canceling a subscription will cause.