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Warren Huart

    Hi @clancychris, that's an extremely common problem. I think what happens a lot is when you're jamming at home guitarists love a huge amount of gain, especially at low volumes. Most of them haven't ever played out live or have only done a few shows. Playing live you learn that volume gives you the sustain you need without the massive amount of distortion. Session guys like Tim Pierce use a crunchy tone then dig in for more distortion, but then John 5 uses a slightly overdriven amp with a Boss OD 1. I've worked with Joe Perry, Slash and Lita Ford and they all normally just amp tones, not too heavily driven because they are using Marshall Amps, usually JMP heads. The secret is definitely less is more, if you get there DI's you might want to put something on them to fatten them up before the amp simulator, Bryan Carlstrom always used a Summit Tube DI for guitars then we reamped the guitars and they sounded fatter! Transformers soak up those aggressive transients, so I would try a a Tape simulator, I've always loved the Analog Channel by McDSP. Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

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