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Magnus Johansson

    Matt, I´m not sure I´m following you. If you want to compare your "drum" recording with others, download the multitracks found here or the other places I tipped about. There are many places these days that has multitracks. From plapa you find recordings by warren in his "small" room and other big studios. Sorry can´t remember the names right now.

    Close mics do sound.. close. Blend with others to get a more natural sound. overheads and room. Snare: add a bottom mic.

    Swichy and washed.. is it possible to eq? adds lows and mids, cut the highs. Tighten those cymbal screws somewhat. Can sound really weird with cymbals swaying too much from the hit. Doesn´t look as cool though:) Personally I have had best results with close mics as overheads, close as in x/y config. Have not tried it yet but I think a m/s setup as overheads will work great. Someday I shall also try this... A technique from weathervane, also a good place for multitracks. Often with videos showing different stuff.

    Bleed, often not the big problem one might think it will be. Careful mic positioning, gating, expanding, sidechain compression (ducking), editing, replacing is your tools here. Some do some samples of the drums being recorded and replace with those. That is probably the best solution to too much hihat in snare. Also as you mentioned, phase is good to check.

    Do upload some tracks if you want and I and probably more will chime in. Not sure I will have too much to add though.

    Added a short overhead loop. xy with the cheapest mics found (small condensers). Not as wide as you might like, i like it somewhere like this and other stuff at the mix edges. From this I would put a hi-shelving cut, more or less hipass out the kick, boost the lows above the hipass.