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Nick Carella

    Wow! Thank you for your responses, it helps very much!

    I'll watch "Information and inspiration" this weekend.

    Meanwhile I decided to try and combine both of my passions. I released a first album today - Original Soundtrack for a game my friends make. Just to test the waters and to learn how to do it. I chose bandcamp and distrokid as platforms.

    And also I started producing a track with another friend where we had to hire a session musician. So far it's great.

    I'm not expecting to win any awards with this music, but at least I'll have a portfolio and maybe someone else with hire me as a composer or as a mixing engineer. I'm lucky enough to have a decent day job that allows me to experiment with music career.

    Also I started building my online presence in twitter and other media to try and reach new audience.

    I spent many days thinking about what it success to me and for now it is rather simple. Getting people to listen to my music.

    It means I should write more and publish it. Now that I've made a first step in that direction I feel so much better.

    Thanks, Jack and Andrew. A snapshot of time it is.

    Tony, thank you for telling this story, it really means a lot. This particular release sold just 4 copies for now, but it's really okay 🙂

    I heard random people from around the world saying nice thing about it on streams or forums and that's enough for now 🙂