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Andrew (AKA Ajay)

    Hi Nick,

    I agree with Jeff, deciding on what success means to you is a great question to ask yourself?

    I consider myself as a "success" in the music industry because I've been lucky enough to do music/entertainment for a living, I haven't made millions but to me I've been successful!

    In regards to finishing a project, you always have to ask yourself "what am I trying to achieve?". Sometimes just finishing to the best of your ability is enough, it's a snapshot of time of where you were and how much you've learnt up until now? We should continue to learn and grow as we go along, yes you could better but it doesn't have to be right now does it?

    Thanks for this post, it's a very interesting subject success. Nearly 30 years into this business and still every day I learn something new.

    Andrew (AKA Ajay)