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Just Lisa

    Sorry. I have 16gb ram. I'm talking about disk space.
    Yes, I know about the autosave in the history folder -- I'm looking for an easier way to delete them without having to dig through all the sub folders.
    Interesting about the OS. Husband ran across some kind of file corruption at that level. All the data copied to the new hard drive and it's behaving exactly like the old hard drive. He's got the OS on the solid state drive now, so in theory I have a brand new computer to work with, but that doesn't solve the memory problem for the future. He's still working on rescuing all of my data -- 50% of which is useless. That's the frustrating part.
    If people were having trouble with Windows 10 and Studio One working together, I think we would have heard about it already.

    Question: what is an average file size for you for a Song in Studio One?
    : )