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Cris Sabater Sabater

    Hi clancychris, When I am mixing for a Rock Or Metal band I first of all upon them approaching me tell them how I want the tracks delivered. In my case I like tracks to peak at -12db. I also ask them to send a wet and dry version of the guitars. So either amped ( real amp) and DI or virtual amp printed along with a DI. This way if the wet files sent are not to my liking then I will use the DI and I have some very nice amp sims here that I can use to suit the needs of the song. Also if they are sending printed amp sim tracks they usually have all sorts of fizz going on between 2-7 khz. I find the offending frequencies and then notch filter them bearing in mind that too many cuts will take the credibility of the sound and performance away. I find tape sims do a very good job of helping with these sorts of problems too.

    Cheers mate,