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Mike Krowiak

    TH: I've gotten used to pulling group tracks out of their original group folder and putting them next to their 'children.' Maybe I'll try working with the groups folder intact.

    I do initial level changes in the project window because I like drawing automation in sections. (Select chorus 1, add 1 dB, etc.) This is very quick in Pro Tools; I wish Cubase made it a little easier. I have a macro/script combination that works with volume automation only, but it's a little clunky, to use the technical term... 🙂

    Our workflows are not that different; I'm just not explaining properly. I'm not looking for a folder fader to tweak all the faders in the folder; the level change would be on the folder output. So forget folders: I should have said that group tracks should have a fold button, so you can collapse the faders within a group and be left with the master showing. --Or assign a buss to a folder, as Studio One does: