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Jared Sherman

    Hey Samuel, I am glad you are finding things are better on the hackintosh front. I recall people saying similar things about how much awesome hackintosh was when I took the plunge and those turned out to be false promises and I won't do it again. If someone does choose to go that route I wish them the best, but I just hope they are aware that it is not without its potential pitfalls, bad experiences, and severe time sinks.

    I am hopeful on the Mac Pro refresh, I was more skeptical before they totally knocked it out of the park with the iMac Pro so I have no reason at this point to doubt they can make a great Mac Pro again. Yes the Mac Pro trashcan was a terrible design (which I assume is what you are referring to by 'heats under load') which Apple has admitted especially in regards to cooling and upgradeability. And regarding the 16GB vs 32GB I have Pro Tools HD 2018.4 and it runs just fine and dandy on my 2017 MacBook Pro, recommended specs or not.