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Jared Sherman

    I would STRONGLY caution against the Hackintosh route. I tried doing that a couple years back, using the TonyMac site for a reference, thinking I could build a more powerful Mac for less money (ended up probably being more money in reality) and let me tell you it was a HUGE mistake that I wish I could do over. So many hours wasted on a ultimately non-stable system, and even in the brief moments when it did work it is such a gigantic hassle to update the operating system and you don't get access to the App Store. I could go into even more details but I will leave it at that. Ultimately just to keep a stable system or to be able to upgrade it is a major time sink. I am also not a non-technical or non computer-savvy person, I have a masters degree in Computer Engineering! I would definitely never ever use a hackintosh when relying on it for paying clients.

    As to Samuel's complaints about the current generation of Mac computers: Mac Pro: I agree and highly do not recommend the current generation of “Mac Pro” because they haven’t truly been refreshed in 4+ years. When they do get refreshed (2019?) that will be the time to re-assess. MacBook Pro: RAM maximum is not ideal but it is definitely enough to run Pro Tools just fine unless you have stacks and stacks of non-frozen VI tracks in your mix. The simple solution there is to freeze or commit. If you are not a heavy VI person, 16GB of RAM should be plenty without track freezing. iMac Pro: is a dream but yes it does have a high point of entry.