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Samuel Botstein

    I am also interested in the DigiGrid system. However, I am interested in the possibilities of low-latency and networked I/O in the studio, and have absolutely no interest whatsoever in Waves plugins. My hope is that if I can live with the I/O limit associated with running Pro Tools HD without an HDX card that costs thousands of dollars and runs DSP (in which I also have zero interest), I could afford a much better interface right away.

    As such, I would be extremely interested in any comparison, especially as related to latency, between running DigiLink (Avid Pro Tools HD hardware stuff) and DigiGrid interfaces with Pro Tools. If anyone has experiences to share, I would be highly interested.

    As far as I can tell, there are numerous advantages to running DigiGrid over Pro Tools HD (hardware cards):

    There's no proprietary stuff between the computer and the interface, just regular Cat6 gigabit ethernet cables that most any computer could run.

    There's no need for Thunderbolt, or PCIe cards, or expansion chassis.

    There's no need for fans. The Pro Tools HD hardware all have fans in them that are audible and run all of the time. One could acquire or build a fan-less computer and potentially not bother with a machine room or IsoBox.

    Tape safeties are easy. One could just connect another cheap computer with any DAW to the local network, press record once at the beginning of one's day, and be insulated from Pro Tools crashes.

    Monitoring is made really easy. Just connect something to the network again and route it to a headphone/loudspeaker amp where needed and musicians can mix monitors, "more me," etc digitally, inexpensively, and non-destructively.

    The main downside seems to be the I/O limit associated with using Pro Tools without the PCIe cards/DigiLink interfaces.

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