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Anders Larsson

    I have tried that studio version and I like it.

    Is it important to have a headphone amp when I mix in headphones?

    [quote quote=43300]No I was thinking more like the cheaper “Studio Edition” that way you can use whatever headphones you want. They have reference curves for all the most popular studio headphones so as long as your existing set of headphones is in that list you should be fine. Just recall the response curve for that pair of headphones in the plugin and you’re ready to mix. If you really want calibration you can always send in your headphones to them and have them get the precise response for your unique set of headphones and they will send you a preset file you can call up in the software. The pre-installed headphone curves are based on an average of their calibrations for a particular model of headphones and I haven’t found any issue with those enough to want to send my headphones in, but who knows, maybe I will someday.[/quote]