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Jared Sherman

    Most importantly, what’s your budget? I would go with a top spec MacBook Pro over an old 2009 Mac Pro. I use a 2017 15” MacBook Pro and it works very well. It’s not as powerful as my iMac Pro, and I find that I do have to do some track freezing or committing when opening sessions on the MacBook Pro after working on it with the iMac Pro, but that iMac Pro is a real beast and I have an Avid HDX|2 system attached to it as well so I can pretty much go unlimited processing at 24/96. In fact if you are not that interested in the mobile aspect the iMac Pro is crazy good, and completely silent. I had iMacs before but I didn’t like them for studio work because they would tend to get noisy under stress but the Pro design they did some wizardry with the cooling system because it is amazing. That may be out of your budget though.

    Back to the mobile thing, the mobile interface that I would recommend for a MacBook Pro would be the Universal Audio Arrow, primarily because it is totally bus powered and, in tandem with a MacBook Pro is probably the sleekest mobile recording setup available right now because it doesn’t have a power adapter, just plug in the Thunderbolt 3 cable and you are good to go. I plan on getting an Arrow myself soon because the MacBook Pro only supports headphone out at 48K max and i think the Arrow would be the most inconspicuous and simple solution for getting 96K headphone out while mixing at Starbucks or wherever.