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Nick D.

    Mike: Im not sure if Cubase 7.5 has them (I jumped from 7 to 8.5), but Cubase 8.5 has VCA faders which will allow what I think you are wanting. The Folder Tracks do way more than getting tracks out of the way, you can use group editing with in folders to edit multiple tracks at once. You can also set up the mixer windows to only see certain channels (tracks in folders can be shown/hidden all at once), so if you wanted a mixer with only certain tracks to be shown its really easy to setup. My typical use is mixer 1 is just inputs, mixer 2 is tracks and auxes, and mixer 3 is groups and master fader. 8.5 also brings workspaces which allows savable screens with whatever settings you want and can recall them back. So now you can do multiple mixers on different workspaces and just recall the workspace. The one thing I notice about Cubase on a regular basis IMO is that they are so far ahead of the other DAWs in most aspects, but the function you want might not be right in front of you, 9 out 10 times Cubase has it or does what you want. So far Cubase 8.5 addressed all the issues I had with previous versions and things I wish I could do.