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    hi man,

    I've fiddled around with the settings you advised. And I am getting killer results!!!

    I've attached a screenshot of my tracking setup as I think it is next level shit 🙂

    I do all tracking with my Apollo Twin (as seen in a Produce like a pro video):
    - M-Audio Sputnik mic (as seen in a Produce Like a Pro video)
    - 1073 in unison mode on the mic input (set to record)
    - 1176 and LA2A on the insert slots (both set to record)
    - Kemper profiler via SP/dif into the Apollo Twin. Recording both DI and Amp
    - Fairchild 660 as an insert on the Kemper Amp channel to get get rid of that last bit of fizz (Warren's tip)
    - EMT 140 plate reverb on the aux channel (not set to record)

    There is NO latency....

    The result is an amazing full, warm and edgy vocal sound!!! Finally I'm getting inspired by my own singing. I knew that had to be possible 🙂

    Working with the Console 2.0 software is also a breeze. I'm always connected and can start playing and singing without starting up the ol DAW.

    Very interested in hearing a side by side comparison of the hardware and the Apollo plungins.

    Thanks again for the excellent tip Thunder House!!



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    • This reply was modified 8 years ago by Justin.