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    Ph.D. Computer Scientist speaking here; I deal with Apples, Win PC's & Linux boxes on a daily basis. However, not for music applications.

    For music production, I use a Windows 10 PC and Cubase 8.5 PRO. I also have antivirus software running, a firewall, it is connected to the internet, I have MS office 2016 professional plus running as well, and actually a lot of other crap that does not belong on a workstation. I have to say that it is as stable as the Colosseum in Rome. I also have another Win10 PC that only runs the VSL library in sync with my main workstation. This combination also does not introduce any problems at all.

    My advice is (assuming that you are going to buy a notebook): 16GB of ram, 32GB if possible, Intel I7 4th generation CPU and a 1TB Samsung SSD Pro. 1TB seems to be overkill and actually, it is, but 500GB is too little especially if you have huge sample libraries installed. This is not a cheap laptop, but it still is half the price of your MacBook PRO.