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    well said, jason... and to anders: welcome!

    anders, i'll tell you a little story...

    as a performer on reed instruments, i see a lot of different musical contexts and styles. years ago, i was asked by a colleague and friend to join a project performing a style of music which i had not been much involved with before. the first rehearsal was a disaster - i felt lost and wondering, "why am i even here?" ...even my friend's wife, listening from another part of the house, said to him later, "is peter ok? i'm worried about him!"

    i met with my friend, and shared my concerns and doubts about the project. he thought for a moment and then said to me, "you know, peter, all i need from you is your confidence."

    that has become a kind of touchstone which always pulls me out of those episodes of self-doubt when they come along - and yes, we all have them! my friend's point was: you already have a lot of history and experience in lots of situations, and can count on that to serve you well in new musical contexts. also, it is exactly your personal uniqueness - what YOU bring to the table musically - which makes me want you here! it's not about "do you know already how to do this particular thing?" - you'll figure that out in your own way!

    so, anders, when you say, "I know I can make songs, and I know I can mix", that already tells me that you have useful experience AND that you are aware of that fact. you don't have to worry about it - we just need you to say, "here i am", and bring what you already have to the table!

    just knowing that you DO have some experience, ability, and tools will mobilize you to step up to anything, if you just let it!