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Lee Hawkins

    Johnny, congrats on the WA-76. You definitely wont be disappointed.

    There is always a latency with outboard gear but DAW's should delay compensate the same as they do for plugins and the delay should only be a few 'ms'. This is normally done through the DAW I/O settings.

    For me in Studio One and Cubase, it's a very simple process but probably difficult to explain in text. Dependent on your DAW, I found YouTube has great videos where you follow the setup. perhaps try there.

    You will also need to setup routing in you interface. I am using RME which has TotalMix and first the routing is set up there. Again too complex to explain here, but consult your interface software for information.

    I hope that helps (a little bit), but have fun. Vocals and Bass sound great through the WA-76. Get experimenting.

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