Pedro Pitta Groz

    Impressive document of your mix and great review on mine. That is a talent itself. I have so many freeze tracks so the thing plays and I can keep on working that at the end it is difficult to go and see what I have done. Probably I am using too much process per se. For certain the lack of processing power or my abuse of processing is really getting in the way of workflow. And it happens usually when the thing starts to form and you want to go for the fun. It is to much for both sides of the brain.
    I have my room as treated, all diy, as it can be, but still not a good room. Much better then 3 years ago that I had no room. It is just a bad shape. It is 6 mt long but the side walls are 2 mt apart. One of those walls is solid concrete half mt thick and the other is a brick 10 cm thick wall.
    I use some room correction too. I am using a free software called Eq Wizard that is a very powerful acoustic measurement tool that also generates filters to use with equalizers and impulse responses. I am making my correction thru convolution with ReaVerb. It helps but the decay time at the offending frequencies will still be the same. And SBIR problems will always be there too.
    I am considering the Sonarworks Reference 4 as it claims to be system wide and that is something that I have been missing. So I can hear youtube, tutorials, your mixes, etc, with the same sound I mix.