James Gorman

    Thanks Pedro, nice work. My thoughts were similar to Chris'. Balance and tone are good, good use of effects, but the vocals are a bit detached, especially when there are no doubles in the verses. By the end when the track is full they are pretty close to spot on. Did you automate the vocals levels? Might need to move the volume more so it rises up through the song with the instuments. Could also maybe add some really quiet slap delay or chorus (like Warren's vocal thickening). Maybe a bit of 500-800 buildup in the guitar/keys. It's wide so it doesn't get in the way of the vocals, but there's a lot going on so it might be muddying things up a bit.

    Good work Chris. Tone's still good. Only spot that sticks out for me is the when the drums cut out for the bridge it feels super abrupt without the cymbals covering it. Only a problem because it conflicts with the smooth tone of the vocals in the bridge. The bridge itself sounds good, so I think it's just that transition.

    I didn't even realise there was the share link! Was trying to work it out and turns out there's a great big button with share on it. https://www.puremix.net/zelab-mixing-contest/zelab-session-27-stephano-petrocca.html?mixId=bz%2FWDzL5BoDGsvRnq%2FVN509LPH%2BzEGxQndp5jMRa6kc%3D