James Gorman

    I was being a little tongue in cheek
    (though, really, I've made a lot of
    decisions today, someone
    make this one for me).

    I think a restrictive challenge like this
    has two positives:1) forcing you to really
    get to know the limits of (part of) your tool
    chain, and 2) forcing you to get creative to
    get around the limitations. I'm already
    thinking of ways to make up for missing

    That's said, I skipped the last challenge
    because I had a very specific idea I wanted
    to follow through with and the challenge
    would have hindered me in that.

    Still, I think there is something in your
    comment. It is harder to do as group thing,
    but perhaps a way to action it is to write
    about what your personal goals were when
    posting your mix, and encouraging others
    to do the same. I've started adding mix
    notes to mine to keep track of what and
    why for mixing decisions. I think I'll
    add something about what stuff I was
    focusing on in myself (rather than the song)
    as well.