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    Yeah, Warren, I can imagine that! In that perspective, it cannot be compared to the current possibilities that technology offers us. Still, I would find it a difficult choice if I had to choose between: "a finger chopped off or to never use tape again". I have to say that I don’t use tape as a recording medium but rather as a plug-in. I know that you don’t agree with that saying. At least that is what you said in your last live Q&A. I usually use my 80-8 to replace a compressor. For example with a drum kit; if I (parallel) compress this instrument, the cymbals are always harsh and ugly. It seems that I only hear decay. If I do this with tape, the drumkit will be compressed as well, but still sound transparent. When I compress backings with a plug-in on a subgroup, I end up with two flat bricks, while with tape the backings sound open and for one reason or another they sound wider as well. I also send the lead vocal post fade through the tape recorder and try to stay constantly in the sweet spot of the tape by having my eyes closed and doing fader rides. Obviously, by doing so, you get the ocean added to your track for free but in the mix, you don’t hear it. Many will disagree with me, but it works for me!