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Cris Sabater Sabater

    Hi guys, I know what some of you are saying with Amp sims not quite matching the real thing which is the case but I have gotten some great tones from amp sims and it also depends on the material/song structure too. Like re-amping when you have an arrangement you can always go in and tweak the sounds of the guitars to suit plus there are some great tricks out there like using a Piano playing underneath or a synth tucked underneath to thicken the tones and give a fuller feel. I also find strings playing softly under some guitars can work wonders too. And of course using EQ after tracking can help it to fit. I also find saturation works well if used via a send and blended in gently can also make an impact. It really is all about experimenting and getting ideas down that work for you in situations and noting them down for possible future use!

    Cheers guys,