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Nick D.

    I use Voxengo curve Eq when im having issues and I want to reference something. It at least points you to problem areas and in that way a matching eq is very useful. The iZotope version is cool because it allows a mix function which is a little better for matching stereo mixes, you can be a little more subtle. I like the matching algorithm better in curve eq, and when I have attempted it on stereo files, it needs to be tweaked in most cases, but not as fast as the iZotope.

    The dynamic spectrum mapper isn't really a matching eq. Its closer to a shapeable multiband compressor, with a 100 (just guessing) bands. its very similar to Voxengo Soniformer. there are differences, but the best part about the dynamic spectrum mapper is using it in parallel. you can do 100:1 ratios and it has a mix knob to dial it in. I would say its like a fancy version of the waves MV2, but you are able to tweak it. The soniformer has even more tweakable parameters, and the best part with that one is that instead of a single ratio over the entire spectrum, you can choose ratio, attack, release, and threshold over the entire spectrum, so its similar to a standard multiband except the bands are infinite? (as many as you want as far as I know). They are all great tools and I use all 3 a lot for parallel mix duties.