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David Allen Hammond

    I have to do a calibration of the machine when I get that far. It needs a major cleaning, degaussing and bias adjustment. If I can afford it, I may have it refurbished. There is a guy in New Mexico who works on these decks. (what are the odds of finding someone here?) I will be using new tape. My console has 1K and 10k test tones. I still want to have an MRL since I doubt it's been set up for a loooong time. It's a 1" machine that can run 15 or 30 ips so I can get a fair amount on a reel at the slower speed. Can't wait to try it out, chomping at the bit so to speak, but have to get the new house/studio ready first. I definitely want to do a proper job, no reason to bother with the analog world unless it gives me a sound I want. Although, there is the psychological factor of having bands play live to tape. More present etc.. Not so much we'll fix it in the mix..