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Michael B

    Greg O posted a cool video on markers and project nav.
    I approach it a bit differently. What do you all do?

    I find that most of the time I used to use markers, I actually was better off with the arranger track and navigate by event with N and B (this works with any track events. For temp stuff I used to use a marker but then you have to clean that up. Instead I now use the left and right locators. Command 1 and 2 on numpad to set. 1 and 2 on numpad to navigate. These are so easy to use I now keep the transport setting return to start off. Now the only thing left for markers is like a to do list (fix this here). I used to wonder why Cubase doesn't have a key command for going back and forth a bar. Using my above nav approach, I no longer need those and my hands stay off the mouse more often.