Arthur Labus

    Embrace yourself - plugin breakdown is comming 😀

    TDR Nova (De-ess (spilt) / HP 150Hz/12db)
    TDR Kotelnikov (Vocal Bus - tight)

    43.Vocal_01 and 44.Vocal.Mitch_01
    TDR Nova (De-ess (split)), FETISH, 2x TDR SlickEQ = 4 Bands
    Vocal Elko Plate L+R as sub Bus with Voxengo Old Skool Verb (automation)

    All other tracks with no plugins - just panning and volume. Used groups of vocal tracks for different vocal ambiance.

    All amped tracks doubled and pitched. Set in opposite panning for stereo.
    Solo guitar tracks with send to FX track with Protoverb (Vapour Excursion, 0% dry, 100 % wet)
    Thats all !

    FETISH, IVGI ( Drive 10, Asym Mix 10, Response between LF/LF+), TDR Slick EQ (MEQ 500Hz Bass Trick with HP 60 Hz)

    DRUMS !!! (no drum samples at all)
    Overheads Bus: Fetish, IVGI (Drive 8, Asym Mix 5, Response N)
    Toms Bus: Fetish
    HiHat: MJUCjr (auto), IVGI (like Overheads)
    Fetish, TDR Nova 4 Bands:
    12Hz, Q 0,54 , -7,4dB
    217Hz Q0,5 -9,4dB
    1903Hz Q0,5 +12dB
    Band IV default
    Protoverb (small room)
    33% stereo wide (Reaper controll knob)
    Snare Bus:
    Snare Top -12dB / Snare Bottom -31,8dB realationship
    Protoverb (Boomy Drum Room)
    53% stereo wide (Reaper controll knob)

    MASTERING (separate project)
    IVGI - Drive 5 / ASYM MIX 10 / Response N
    TDR SlickEQ - (Mastering 1)
    TDR Kotelnikov - (Mastering - Punchy TRK) with adjusted threshold

    Funny fact: less is more 😉