tremolo kicks ass toby
    break down with thw vocals panned is really great and the pause to get back to it is really needed
    i felt like the breakdown, bridge, whatever it is, was a weakness in this song and you fixed it to make it not boring any more

    one thing these exercises are doing for me is ive always been such a creature of habit and it hurts me...i need to start asking why i am putting a plugin on something.
    usually it because thats what i do (in the 90's on 4 track its because its what i had) whether it needs it or not.

    i want to do some experiment with the haas effect in a mix that jesper showed us

    there is reverb thing i want to explore where you use the reverbs at unity ..the idea is people dont like the reverb sound they just slap them on and fold them underneath the track. this is different you would make the reverb a part of the song sort of thing

    i seriously cant tell you guys how much i enjoy these.. toby thanks for putting it together
    whether or not you guys decide to i plan on making each months song into a exercise of some kind

    i think there are people who have paid a fortune to audio schools that would learn more from these challenges...that said i have a bad brain and i dont read good