Alright Kiddies!

    Lessons Learned :

    1. Tokyo Dawn Plugins are awesome, but eat your DSP.
    2. Saturation is your friend.
    3. No matter what plugins you use, you always mix to the limit of your ears and to your own taste.

    *Had a lot of fun! So nice to mix a well recorded track w/ great performances and a great song. Really recharged the batteries!


    Extra Notes

    Really like that Fetish Plugin. The interface is a joke, but the sound you get is great! The TD Slickeq is really very good. Lots of options for crafting sound. That will get used again. Also the both the saturation plugins did a great job.

    The devil's in the details. Missed ProQ m/s options for cleaning the mix up a bit. Automating the TD Compressor on the SBUS was not as intuitive as with the SSL. Quite like the reverbs. Would have liked more range on the predelay.

    I think I used every plugin at least once. V. cool! Def. worth doing. Learned a bunch of new tricks. We should try to make this a regular thing - challenge ourselves in different ways to make us rethink our mixing and learn new tricks etc.