Damn you Toby haha! 😉

    I will tell you all that I just stumbled on the finish line and couldn't resist to make use of the highpass filters in my DAW in the mixing stage... So my mix don't qualify...Why you ask... its because my cpu usage could not handle the great amount of TDR EQ to get the job done. That drive my crazy. So thats the major lesson for me. Always include a simple EQ that not steal my precious cpu power away. But if anyone is interesting this was my process;

    So I made one session for each instrument as I normally would do. I just sculpt the sound with the plugins. Its a more of a sound design thing going on. I used the vinyl a lot from iZotope for making the sounds more of a 70´s vibe. Dirty and old... I made use of the Wear slider a lot... I aslo distorted the signal into the plugin sometimes with the input fader. This was a quite common use of the plugin on almost all instruments. I aslo liked the Klanghelm stuff a lot. I used those plugins for controlling booth the dynamic but also for even more distortion. I figure out since there was no limiter, I had to control the dynamics a lot and make use of distortion so I could achieve a nice output level wise on the masterbuss.
    I used the saturation knob on the drums for a big kick tape kind of sound. For the verb a liked the Protoverb 1.0 from U-he. And I used the presets "Thick butter verb" a lot and "Boomy drum room". I liked those verbs a lot! I also used the TDR Kotelnikov mastering compressor for tighten things up along the way and the TDR dos slick eq for some eq sculpting before the mix stage.

    So then in the final mixing session I made use of the TDR parallel dynamic eq for controlling the dynamics and eq sculpting on the whole masterbuss and on different channels. And off course I then I made use of the in built highpass filters in Reason 10 after trying to do the job with the TDR dynamic eq. It just did not worked. So I deleted thouse TDR´s and just used the built in highpass filters. I aslo doubled the melody guitar and did the Haas trick for spreading the guitar in a different way than the rest. And offcoures I used the Tempo delay from Voxengo for some separation on different things.

    So feedback if you want is welcome as always...


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