Mmmm... tasty placing in the reverb - sounds roomy, but present, but roomy...

    Kick is really nice. Really solid mix. All the core elements are there.

    Does the panned gtrs feel a little disconnected from the drums? ...maaaybe. On the other hand, it's a nice effect.

    Gotta love that kick - very nice!

    Pretty damn impressive. I miss some of the f**king noise of Kip's mix. His was an untamed rock animal.

    A little seasoning from Kip's mix and that could be pretty awesome. Top notch job considering what we're working with. No idea how you managed to put together a mix of that quality with those plugins.

    I've been playing with the Fetish compressor - he's a cheeky little chappy! Kinda nice when you manage to dial him in.