Crunchy crisp gtrs - I liiiike!

    Nice roomy feel to them drums. Maybe a touch boomy? ..got that cool rock n roll vibe going on (vibe = pro mixer term)

    Vocals are nice.

    Spread into the chorus is cool - maybe a touch too much???

    Like the cymbals splashy bits...

    Vox are working well. Maybe a little sat in the mix - then again, it is a rock track. ..I'm such a Pop Producer. Gotta get a hook up with Britney. Artist I was born to work with. ..gotta hear iZotope Vinyl on her voice. (This has nothing to do with your mix)

    SOLO SOLO SOLO SOLO SOLO SOLO - too loud by at least a db - but fUck yeah! Sounded cool!

    It's rough and ready - but the attitude is right in the strike zone - kicking you in balls with a bandana on that shit!

    Very nice Kip!

    - I was gonna get all clever with editing loops and shit ...now I just wanna get super trashy with the drums and make something ugly!!!!


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