Chris Sweet

    Yeah the fetish is a pain to work with but carefully set it works ok. I’m actually using the saturation knob and TD eq on my verb and delay bus to make them sound more interesting which is cool. They don’t sound very analog on their own so adding some color to them makes them sound more expensive. The MJUC comp seems to choke everything I throw at it so I haven’t found a use for it yet. Got the slick eq, saturation knob and TD bus comp on my mix
    Bus. The saturation knob used subtly adds some nice mojo to the mix that I’m missing from using my normal bus compressor/tape machine chain. It’s pretty cool having to sculpt
    Your effects to get them to sound like what you’re used to using. For example I used the eq and saturation knob after the voxengo delay to get a dark and dirty slap thing going. PS that delay is super weird and I have no idea how it works lol. I just turned knobs till it did what I wanted. Anyway I should have a mix up tonight.