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    I love the seemingly simplistic brilliance of the early AC/DC records but also love the the complex rage of thins like Mastodon's "The Hunter".

    New prog like Steven Wilson's incarnations and perhaps Opeth are very interesting sonically

    Goes without saying (well to me anyway) that Physical Graffiti is just a brilliant display of many sounds, ideas and inspirations - can't remember who recorded that however 😉

    Steely Dan ? Obsessively brilliant (there is some phenomenal stuff on youtube where they talk about mixing Peg etc) - Night by Night and Godwhacker are two superbly crafted and possibly less well known tracks.

    If it's energy I want to think about - Live at Leeds anyone ? Who?

    ..and for majesterial madness - has to be Warren's fave- Queen - Spread Your Wings from News of the World to me is such a masterclass in emotional manipulation.

    Well that's Tuesday's answer anyway - tomorrow will be different...


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