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    I actually have a blog post coming out on this really soon. As a matter of fact it's mostly written I just need to find some time to get it looked over and finished, so thank you for the prod on that 😉

    I'll summarize. The Landr results are pretty much unusable for any serious releases or anyone serious about their music. If you think about what Mastering actually is, then you will see that it really serves very little of the mastering purpose. The algorithm used is pretty horrible and contains a ton of artifacts from poorly done multiband processing and filter matrixes.

    Mastering is the last step in the creative process and the first step in the distribution process. So not only is the service interfering with your creative process it's also providing none of the distribution process activities necessary for an actual release.

    There are a ton of things that happen during mastering and the algorithm doesn't handle any of them here are a few examples:
    Aesthetic processing
    Context (metal track or hip hop track)
    Versions (digital, CD, vinyl)
    Deliverable formats and metadata

    The list really goes on and on and hopefully my blog post will add more context around these.

    Jonathan Wyner really summed it up:

    The best thing I could say about the LANDR result was that the level was consistent from one track to the next. What came out of it was harsh and bright with audible compression artifacts and the unmistakable signature of multi band compression. The balance of the vocals against the rhythm track had changed significantly....and it was fatiguing to listen to. Frankly, no, it was not useable in the sense that I could not, in any instance, recommend that someone use it....frankly even in a 'demo preparation' scenario, the result is just too unfriendly.