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Lee Hawkins

    Mastering for me is different on every track. On my own tracks I always approach it with fresh ears. Sure I have an 'approach' but It follows a simple rule of thumb which, is to increase gain through multiple plugins (or hardware) a small amount at a time. I think my results are always more dynamic if I compress in small amounts with differs compressors. EQ'ing with small moves too.

    Final limiting recently is being carried out by A.O.M Invisible Limiter which is fantastic.

    Monitoring with my monitors, AKG 812's, Senheisser HD650's and a small stereo.

    Reference tracks are also an important part of my workflow. Also the Perception Plugin for easy level matched bypass.

    I now master in Studio One's dedicated mastering module as I can, if required, drop back into the main mix to make a major adjustments.

    Any projects for commercial release will generally go through a professional mastering studio 99% of the time. Abbey Road, Sterling or an Independant.

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