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    I thought I'd give a quick overview as to how to go about creating a website for someone with very little knowledge about websites.

    1) Copy code from a very simply designed website (I recommend mine, because it is very basic)
    2) Paste the code into notepad (for windows). I'm not sure what the Mac equivalent is.
    3) Save the code as index.html file and put it in a folder, let's call "website". You'll also need to save any images and put them in a folder according directions given in the code. For example means image1.jpeg needs to go in a folder called "image". Save the folder at the same level as index.html, in the "website" folder (if a folder is necessary).
    4) Go to your file directory and find index.html in "website". Double click and see if the same website that you copied code from appears in your web browser.
    5) Try altering bits of code and then saving it. Refresh webpage to see the effects.

    This is just the very basics but I think its a good place to start figuring out how to do html and css. There are other languages that are used in web design that I'm not very knowledgeable about.

    This is a website that gives examples a very nicely designed websites using only html and css.

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