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    Just an update... I was still having issues with overloads, called Apple, actually spoke with the Logic guys. One thing to look out for is the "Auto-punch", it's always recording if a track is selected, if that is turned on., adds to the usage requirements. Also for just mixing, in preferences under audio, under multithreading, select "Playback Tracks", as opposed to "Playback and Live Tracks" which I had selected, of course. This on top of resetting the I/O buffer to 1024...

    So, any recommendations for a Thunderbolt II SSD external hard drives, and an additional storage drive?

    Thanks for all your input on here. I did rewatch 'ol Logic guy, still fuzzy on the bussing, I'll learn, one day the light will shine and the fog will lift... Thanks again for your input! 🙂