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    @Timmymac Before the Manley, well, let's just say this is my first big boy mic. I got decent results though with what I was using before, but nothing close to the Manley. For vocals I used the Blue Baby Bottle, Rode NT2A, and the lovely EV RE20. All great mics, but the BB was a little thin, NT2A a little dark, and the RE just unique. All cool, and I use them all for intruments still. A guy a sweetwater claims that the RE20 with a cloud lifter "sounds just like a U87". I'm temped to get one to try it. Would be a super cheap route to a U87 sound.

    As far as overheads, I would use two Baby Bottles, which I still like. I read a few people insisting on trying a mono overhead and I'd have to say, for my style at least, I like it. I'm not a big rock drummer, so I don't need a huge wide spread. I'd rather be tight and down the middle. I would like to try a M/S drum recording with the NT2A as the figure 8, and the Manley as the mono.