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Brandon Novak

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your comments. I think about a day after I posted this, I purchased pro-tools and within about 2 hrs of that, I realized I made the right decision. No buyers remorse from me.

    For me, the PT workflow makes a lot more sense. Not only in terms of how the mixing/editing screens are configured, but also how each session is organized, where files are stored, etc. Not to mention about 90% of the tutorials I watch are ProTools based. And I know it doesn't matter what DAW you use, I started on Ablteton and still use a lot of the stuff I learned there on PT, but there's something to be said for actually seeing a concept explained and demoed and applying it on your own on the exact same platform.

    I still have Ableton and can run both via the Rewire function. I haven't attempted to do this yet though. The plug-in conversion expense was also a concern of mine. However, all of my Waves, Slate, McDsp, Plugin Alliance on and on are all AAX compatible - I just needed to install that version of the software at no additional expense.