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    Hey Guido, thanks for taking the time to go over this stuff with me, I really appreciate it. And of course, Happy New Year! I'm glad to make a new friend all the way over in Germany! I live in California, not too far from Lake Tahoe. I'm grateful for your help.

    My computer, iMacOS High Sierra, 10.13.2 I double checked that my buffer was set to 1024, only one overload freeze this morning, after that it's been running fine. That's another weird thing about it, it's intermittent, that makes it hard to pinpoint what I'm doing to overload it.

    You are correct with regard to my busses at the moment. Is there a way to not run them parallel? I'm totally new to this and I'm a little lost. I can tell what they are doing, you're right, if you push the bus fader up past 0, a feedback loop starts and can be quite attention getting for the unsupervised student 🙂 Logic will automatically add a bus if you pick certain stuff, I have added them too, just to see them sit there doing nothing really but taking up space. Not really taking advantage of them or using them to their full/proper use.
    I did try to do a few things, adding reverb to the snare for instance, and that seemed to work well for me. But there is a lot I don't understand or really get the gist of yet... I'm learning 🙂