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Christopher Feeney

    So I added an outboard preamp (Audient MiCO) to give me options beyond my FocusRite Saffire Pro 40 (which I love) and PreSonus TubePre V2 (do I $ on upgrading it's tube?). The producer I work with for fun, mainly to take my hobby songs to next level and show me - hands on - tricks from his 40 year recording and producing career ( recommended I add an outboard compressor. I added the ART Pro VLA II with upgraded Tung-sol tubes.

    Now, in the spirit of "record it right at the source" I am wondering if I should put an outboard EQ between my preamp and compressor? Yes, I can get a channel strip (price vs value used looking at PreSonus Eureaka, JoeMeeks and ART Pro again). But I don't do enough to have kinda duplicate (individual preamp, EQ and compressor and channel strip) set ups. Any reason to have both?

    If I get the EQ, any recommendations on used ones to look for? They seem to be all for live racks. I found one, a Rane ME15B Stereo Graphic Equalizer Rack Processor 15-Band Micrographic EQ.

    All thoughts and advice welcome.