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John Dragich

    Brandon, I would be hesitant to ditch Ableton entirely. From what I understand, the
    workflow in Ableton is superior to PT for EDM genres. But Pro Tools is hard
    to surpass in editing audio files, say in putting together a composite vocal track from
    many takes. Or fixing a guitar rhythm track where the artist clunked the mic stand with
    the guitar neck for one chord, where the chord was played well elsewhere in the track.
    And PT can make these edits without edit artifacts like clicks or instantaneous volume
    changes that don't sound "natural".

    Would it be feasible to get both DAWs running (just not at the same time)? Then maybe
    record and edit in PT, and then mix most genres in PT, but mix EDM in Ableton?

    Oh yeah, another thing to consider is the cost of moving your plug-ins to PT. It takes
    AAX format. You may have installers for AAX for your current plug-ins, but maybe not.

    Hope there is something useful here,