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Guido tum Suden

    Hi Jeff,
    I fear you have to be a bit more specific. Some questions:
    I guess you are planning to have a home studio? (Budget related questions 😉
    Are you going to make professional recordings for other artists?
    Just recording drums, bass and guitar?
    Any songwriting?

    You can find a lot of videos on how to record drums with a different number of mics.
    As soon as you need more than 8 mics, you will probably need a second interface.

    I've got a Focurite. You can't go wrong there. You'll want an interface with 8 analog inputs. Which one depends on your budget. Of course other companies make excellent interfaces as well.
    Your interface should have an ADAT in- and output so you can link it with another one in the future.
    Recent interfaces sometimes use ethernet for that (like MOTU) but I think the standard is not yet set.
    If your budget is very low, look for the Tascam with 12 inputs for recording drums.

    I recently bought a complete mic set for drums from Lewitt. They are really good, especially the overheads and the kick mic. Remember you can get a huge discount if you are a PLAP member.
    Here's a link:

    AS for a DAW. I use Logic but I do so for almost 30 years. I guess it's the number one to go when you are a songwriter. You get ProTools if you are going to work with musicians and other studios and exchange songs.
    Otherwise I would say the old ones (ProTools, Logic, Cubase) are still very good but also have a lot of problems. Would I start today I would probably go with Studio One.

    You see, you have to be very specific with your questions. But ask away, we'll answer.