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Christopher Feeney

    Big fan here of used gear and scooping up early adopters' old stuff as they move up. Picked up a FocusRite Saffire Pro 40 for $250 from a bass player who thought he was going to be the band's recording engineer but didn't end up liking the responsibility. It was such a good deal I almost felt guilty (almost). I love it!

    Also, I agree with Rosti, I got a good deal on a demo unit of an Audient MiCO two channel preamp with a harmonics and variable phase adjustment controls. It's nice.

    I would love some discussion on where and how to find quality used gear and dos and don'ts. My process has been to think first about what will make my recordings improve and enhance workflow. Then I research a lot, especially around price vs features vs quality. Then I am patient. I determine for me what is a good deal range and I search, scan, bid and wait. I also find locally - "I have the cash right now and can meet you" closes deals.

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