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Christopher Feeney

    I have an ART Pro VLA II with upgraded Tung-sol tubes. I am a home recording hobbyist with 3 kids in college. I wouldn't say I'm cheap, but I am frugal by need. But I also believe in what have you saved if something doesn't work? I researched A LOT and heard so much good feedback on many ART products. Even pros using them - that was a tipping point. And while they are very affordable, the pros say they are a great value "for what they are." So I guess that mean they have their place, work but are no $5,000 unit. I found my using Search All of Craigslist. I found it for $225 shipped to my home in NC from MN. So I think it was a good deal. Mint condition.

    I am still learning compression but I can say it is very effect on bass and seems to tame acoustic guitar and vocals. It is built very, very well. I am thinking about getting an ART Pro channel strip if I can find a good deal.

    The other affordable compressor I almost got and bet would have been very happy with is the FMR Audio's Really Nice Compressor. Like the ART Pro, pros and home recorders both use and praise it.

    So for what it is experience.

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