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Charles Monteiro

    the way I think of it is that broad based EQ matching is similar to what a mastering tool like Izotope provides for with genre specific EQ templates, don't have FabFilter in front of me but I do believe I recall a parameter that controls the granularity of the matching algo, I just got Izotope over Xmas , perhaps they provide EQ matching as well. So to that extent what I would like to do is extract profiles for several reference tracks that I may have for a particular genre/ similar artist etc and develop an average profile and apply that to a target song. Just like I don't expect a preset to do the trick and especially with EQ, I don't expect EQ match to nail something down but rather something to tweak, it can be expedient and useful but usually creativity and taste kick in anyhow.

    Lee, that Spectrum Mapper is a very interesting beast, I eagerly await for a discounted sale.