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    Lara, I do something similar, except I don't specifically separate subtractive EQ and additive EQ in stages. I usually try to cut before I boost, but often will boost here and there a little.

    First, I do all the setup and routing before I ever listen to the song. Next, I push play to play though it once, then find the loudest part of the song and loop it while I try to find a static balance with faders and pan knobs. I will then take a break and rebalance again. Break again, rebalance for the third time. At this point I slap VCC on my stems and the master buss and treat the master with gentle EQ, multiband compression and usually Slate's Revival as well. Then I mute all stems except the drums usually and do any necessary cleanup and tone shaping with EQ and compression, then start unmuting core instruments first and work on them while the drums are playing. Just add (unmute) elements from that point and work on them fighting the urge to solo things as much as I can. Rebalance again if necessary, add effects and do automation last.