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Patrick Schindler

    My pleasure, David! If you are generally happy with what the current compressor is doing to the vocals, just strap the 1176 right at the end of it and let them all share the load. I like stacking compressors, especially for vocals and have three go to ones ready to go in my template. It usually comes down to a VCA, followed by an opto or vari-mu and finally a 1176 if needed. If your 1176 clone has a side-chain filter to let the stuff below 220Hz or so through, that can help with a thick vocal. Mix knobs are great, too. I love the mix knobs! My favorite comp for this duty is actually The Rocket by Stillwell, which looks nothing like an 1176, but acts somewhat like one after getting some bionic implants, a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery and loads of roids.