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    I work the same way.

    I start with the overheads and then mix in the other drum mics to augment the sound. If there are too many drum replacement samples then sometimes I’ll add the OH’s in last because at that point I feel like working to the natural sound of the OH’s is moot because the snares/kicks are going to sound too different so Seems like I’ll use the OH’s just for the hat and crash sounds. But still learning from warrens videos on drums as I find that the drums are the single hardest thing to mix.

    Interesting note about drum bleed and editing! Never thought about it complicating things on that front (I’ve never recorded a real drum kit or had to edit)

    So I’ll bear that in mind
    Drum bleed = natural kit
    No drum bleed = tight kit

    It’s starting to become a bit clearer to me now,

    Thanks mate,